The maker(s) of this mod have full permission to take this page down.

phlox, wildythomas, and more for the Bob's Onslaught mod -

Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, evilsk8r, and KawaiSprite for Friday Night Funkin'

KadeDev for the engine used in this mod, Kade Engine 1.4.1


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omg thanks for the mod little man works but kbhgames has littleman blocked

my Mac is so bad that it can't even load dis

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i do not like the 5000 note thing. it lags the notes and makes me lose

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can you remove the yocantrun thing

just play the game :tr

hey pizza can i have the link to unblock sites on my school laptop and can you also tell me how to use it

why it take so long???

Good thing itch doesn’t have ads

Tbh I think this was ported for attention

But still

I love the actual bob mod

i wanted to port it because my page was dead and i figured i could fix video cutscenes so i can do this

it takes so long to load

have ron song?


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Either that, or it can't load. trust me, I  K N O W.

..there is

Death no. 1: Too many mises

Death no. 2: health drain

3rd time's the charm

... if you die but restart all the way back from the beginning, is it considered a 1st try?

no lol

 o h

little man

its not hard but its not easy

so what is it?

N O R M A  L

I've returned

and what


Why is Pizzashowerman's name Pizzashowerman?

i made this account in like old 2020 and i made a game called pizza shower so i called myself pizzashowerman

Oh that's cool. I really like it!

yo, i got my chromebook!

can u send the link to that browser that is unblocked? 

you can unblock alot of sites with this

my school is dumb

how did you do that theres cutscenes awesome

He didn't make the mod. He just ported it to so people could download it easily. If you read the description it shows the actual mod.

The actual mod -

i know what do you think im stupid i dowload this 1 week ago i say he say he cant make video cutscenes to web but he make it somehow

Look, I never said you were stupid. I just thought that you thought he made the mod. I’m sorry I took your comment out of context. 

sniper gaming helped me fix it

sussy sniper

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No note.


Deleted 47 days ago

how so

did the game freeze?


you did very well

First Good job Pizza


Why do I always see you on Mr. Showerman's posts?